About us

About us

“Sistema Kalinka” is part of Red Kalinka – Russian School. We create books, courses and learning resources to help you take your Russian to the next level!

This is how we teach russian

Over 10 years teaching Russian…
and loving it!

Learning Russian is a great adventure. But this is a complex language that requires an awesome teacher. When we created Red Kalinka – Russian school, we noticed that our students needed a good learning method. And so, we started working.

Five year afterwards, we developed our Russian learning system: Sistema Kalinka. Yes, it took us five years to create it because, as we have just said, Russian is quite a complex language. Now we have reached the level of awesomeness that this language demands.

Sistema Kalinka: our method

At Red Kalinka – Russian school we have created the best method to learn and teach Russian. Sistema Kalinka takes you from zero knowledge up to the B1-B2 level.

This means, we will help you use Russian in everyday life. Your vocabulary will exceed 3000 words and you will know most Russian grammar. And you’ll achieve that thanks to a nice, friendly and exciting learning method.

This is how we teach Russian
This is how we teach Russian

Learning materials from Red Kalinka

Apart from our learning method, at Red Kalinka we have other learning resources:

  • Books in easy Russian with audio.
  • Exercise books.
  • Video seminars.
  • Private lesson via Skype.
  • …and much more!